I give practical breathing sessions for individuals and groups / companies. I also combine workshops, training - breathing with cold water / communication / conflict management / other social skills.
For 10 years I have been testing meditation, relaxation (autogenic training) and fasting.
Since 2014/2015 I have been breathing with Wim Hof Method, I completed the certified instructor masterclass later on. I have explored various breathing techniques.

I have been working in educational projects as a social skill trainer for 18 years, working with various size of groups and individuals. I was a salesman / consultant for educational companies for many years and I enjoyed every piece of that hard work. It influenced my teaching style - practice, attention, examples, outcomes, attention, etc.
I still give a sales training or a client-oriented communication training.

I believe in learning via experience (my background is a teacher of English for teenagers and adults and working for Outward Bound, experiential education).

Other facts: - I enjoy asking questions - ICF standards or Challenging coaching - Being an introvert and working as an extrovert, I support introverts at my workshops. - I love learning new languages. - I connect business social skills to parenthood (That´s the real test of the knowledge).

I write books for adults and children about tough situations (fears, announcing tragic news, etc). I am a promoter of fathers reading aloud to their kids as it creates a strong bond between them and helps to go through their teenage years.

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